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Second Opinions

Get a Second Opinion from an Expert in Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Whether you’re looking for a second opinion because you are unsure, or if you’re just looking for peace of mind, Dr. Grubb can help.

Independent Second Opinions

Dr. Grubb is happy to provide you with a second opinion regarding your spinal diagnoses. As an orthopedic spinal surgeon and expert in minimally invasive spine surgery that treats most issues of the spine, he may be able to provide additional insights into your condition that others might have missed.

Because the Northeast Ohio Spine Center is an independent practice dedicated solely to treating issues of the spine, you can be confident that your recommendations will be a truly independent analysis.

Your Surgeon Might Not Perform Minimally Invasive Surgery

Not all spinal surgeons practice minimally invasive spine surgery and so are not in a position to recommend these techniques to their patients. This is unfortunate because patients don’t benefit from the many advantages of minimally invasive techniques, including reduced recovery time, less pain, less tissue damage, and more.

So why doesn’t everyone perform surgery using minimally invasive techniques? The truth is, many surgeons have not adopted these this skill set simply because they did not learn them in their residency. Mastery of minimally invasive surgical techniques requires years of study and dedication.

How We Are Different

Dr. Grubb is an expert in orthopedic spinal surgery. As an innovator in the field of minimally invasive spine surgery, he has been using MISS techniques his entire career. He deliberately stays on top of the latest developments in spinal research and technology in order to provide the benefits to his patients.

You can be confident that Dr. Grubb will listen carefully to your condition, thoroughly review your medical records, and provide you with an expert second opinion.

second opinions on minimally invasive spine surgery

It is a myth that many spinal problems are too complicated for Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery. In about 80% of cases we see, minimally invasive surgery is right option.

Second Opinion Process: What To Expect

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